A Great Way To Prepare Your Kids For Life!

Here’s how it works:

  • Parents & kids (ages 7-18) watch 1 quick video each week in the car, at dinner, or bedtime.
  • Each short video summarizes best practices to successfully navigate life’s most important topics. (The topics that really mess up our lives, but aren’t taught in school!)
  • Enjoy amazing conversations that connect you with your kids while preparing them for life on their own.

A powerful life skills program with a lifetime of benefits.

-Robert Lewis; Best-Selling Author & Speaker; Founder, Men’s Fraternity

Life-Changing Information

Short videos share best-practices to succeed in life.


Stronger Relationships

Amazing conversations will transform your relationships.


A Lifetime of Benefits

Small improvements add up to big benefits in life.

Discover How Trailmap® Can Equip Your Kids & Transform Your Family.

Why Is Trailmap® For Life So Critical?

Raising kids is tough & they don’t come with an instruction manual!

As parents, it’s easy to wonder if our kids will make it on their own? So we assembled a team of successful leaders & experts to give you a comprehensive & unforgettable life-skills experience that guides parent & kids through it step-by-step.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If Trailmap for Life isn’t the best program

you’ve ever experienced, we’ll give you your money back.

Trailmap for Life enables you to worry less about your kid’s future and the consequences of not knowing how to manage life’s tough topics…

Money, dating & marriage, friendships, peer pressure, time management, faith, health/alcohol/drugs, & more!

Instead, feel confident you have prepared them well for life on their own!

Chad Richard spent 20 years working for some of the worlds biggest companies… studying people, their lives, and their problems in order to develop products & services to meet those needs. Surprisingly, he learned that the biggest problems in people’s lives weren’t problems that could be solved by the typical things we buy…

Instead, what was needed was training…training on how to manage the important topics well.

As a result, Trailmap For Life® was created – a non-profit organization that specializes in identifying the core challenges people face, then providing the training & tools to manage those areas well.

This program shares the summary of 5 years of research by dozens of successful leaders & experts in numerous fields- all working to summarize the best practices to help adults & kids navigate life well.

If you & your kids are able to implement just a few of the things you will learn in this program, the impact will be life-changing.


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If Trailmap for Life® isn’t the best program you’ve ever experienced, we’ll give you your money back.

Our Programs

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Program Overview

Session 1 : A Trailmap for Life

This session outlines the simple framework & key principles for managing life’s critical topics that can change your life in a powerful way.

Session 2 : Faith

Each of us will build our life on & around different things. This session helps us understand the role our faith plays & how it can change everything, regardless of where we are on our personal journey with God.

Session 3 : Purpose

Identifying our purpose is one of the most energizing things we can do, but unfortunately, most of us don’t know how…this session gives us an easy way to do it & the impact is life-changing!

Session 4 : Character

Our character & attitude are among the single-most important factors of our success in life… we’ll learn how a few small choices can generate massive benefits.

Session 5 : Dating & Marriage

Teaches us what to look for in relationships & helps us avoid relationships that lead to trouble…
Marriage: Gives parents easy tips to strengthen their marriage, regardless of whether it’s bumpy or great!

Session 6 : Family

This session shows us how important our family is, the critical role each of us plays in it, & gives us some easy ways to strengthen it & have more fun!

Session 7 : Friends & Community

Our friends have a profound impact on us – this session gives practical ways to choose & build great friendships that will have lifelong benefits.

Community describes additional relationships beyond family & friends that help us & others make the most of our life’s journey.

Session 8 : Money

This session offers powerful insights about money, how to think about it, & practical tips & advice to make the most of the income you earn.

Session 9 : Health

This session shines a shocking light on how simple choices in the areas of food, exercise, & lifestyle can generate problems that ripple across all areas of our life.

Session 10 : Time Management

With so many demands on our time, it’s critical we manage it well. This session gives powerful insights into our time & how we manage it, & enables us to begin building our Life Plan that will serve as a trailmap® for our life.

Books & Marriage Programs


“Small changes,Amazing results!”

“Easy ways to make big improvements in life.”

This short discussion guide will energize your marriage whether it’s rocky, great or anywhere in-between!
Quick & Easy… Amazing Results! 25 Minute activity identifies simple ways to make your marriage amazing!