Our Mission: Making Lives Amazing

Life’s Top 10 is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity that offers powerful programs that help people better understand & successfully manage the most important topics in life. Our team of successful leaders and experts spent over 5 years summarizing and simplifying the core aspects required to master life’s critical topics.

TRAILMAP For Life® is an interactive video program that parents and kids do together. The program includes 10 life-changing sessions that cover the 10 most important topics in life. All sessions are available 24/7 online & are designed for parents & kids to do together- either on your own, or as part of a small or large group. The website makes it fun & easy to go through the program with powerful videos, a workbook, & life-skills activities. Trailmap for Life helps you achieve the relationship that every parent wants with their child & feel confident that you have prepared them well for life on their own.

We offer specific program options for fathers & sons, fathers & daughters, single & dual parent families (with girls &/or boys ages 11 & up), as well as for mothers & sons, and mothers & daughters. If you’re a parent, or a parent-figure, of middle or high school children, we hope that you will join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

TRAILMAP For Life® also offers marriage programs such as ‘The 25 Minute Marriage Makeover‘ that enable couples to quickly & easily ‘Refresh Their Relationship’. These programs offer quick yet powerful ways for couples to strengthen their marriage, regardless of whether its rocky or great!

Our book, ‘10 SUCCESSFUL LIFE STRATEGIES’ offers best practices from leaders to enable each of us to master life’s crucial topics. In a quick & easy read, it shares simple changes that provide big results!

Chad Richard


Chad, his wife, & two children live in south Florida and love all things outdoors. They especially enjoy activities in and around the water. A native of central Florida, Chad grew up water-skiing competitively at the national level. After graduating from college with honors in Economics & Business, he attended the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business where he graduated with honors and dual concentrations in Finance & Marketing. Chad then worked for 20+ years in large, national & international companies such as Procter & Gamble & ADT Security Services, with over 10+ years serving in Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer roles.

As his children approached middle school, Chad began wondering if he was doing what he should to prepare them for life on their own… little did he know at the time that this question would mark the beginning of five-years of research & development, ultimately culminating in a passion for helping others that prompted him to trade-in his career in business to work full-time to help people:

  • Successfully navigate life’s critical topics
  • Prioritize their time & maintain a healthy balance in life
  • Strengthen relationships with their family & with others

Although Chad’s original question focused on kids, he quickly learned through over 40 interviews with successful leaders that they too had learned many life lessons the hard way – through challenges that could have been avoided if they had simply understood the basic principles of these critical topics.

He came to understand that all of life’s big topics are inextricably connected to one another – that is, our choices in one area produce unavoidable consequences, or benefits, in other areas…and that’s when Chad formed a leadership team of fathers & subject matter experts to create a nonprofit organization solely dedicated to developing programs to help people understand & navigate the 10 most important topics in life, so they called it Life’s Top 10, and named the program TRAILMAP for Life®

David Browne

David Browne & his wife have two kids & live in south Florida. David is an avid outdoorsman and loves camping, hiking, fitness & travel…recently completing a trip to Central America where he repelled down 200+ foot waterfalls scattered throughout an amazing jungle landscape. David grew up playing numerous sports and is a gifted athlete, including free diving (i.e. no scuba tank) to depths of 100 ft. He began his career with a successful education at the University of Georgia where he studied Psychology. He loves people & combines his passion for helping others with an impressive & entertaining ability to communicate effectively with others. In addition to coaching numerous athletic teams over the years, David leverages these skills by serving as a coach for Lifework Leadership, an organization focused on helping successful leaders & executives take their life to the next level by maximizing their impact through leading, giving and serving. With significant experience & expertise in commercial real estate, David also owns and manages a successful portfolio of commercial properties.

Kevin McKinnon

Kevin & his wife have four boys and enjoy tennis, biking, & all things outside.  Kevin’s success started early in life, where as a high school student he excelled in both academics & sports.  As a highly successful high school football quarterback, he earned an opportunity to play quarterback for one of the top college football teams in the country, the University of Florida.  After a successful college experience both athletically & academically, Kevin graduated with a degree in Business.  Following graduation, he achieved success in several roles in large companies before opening his own private wealth management firm in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Kevin combines his expertise in finance & interpersonal relationships with his passion for helping others to help direct and refine the TRAILMAP® curriculum so that it is both informative and impactful.

Scott Schrader

Scott & his wife live in Little Rock, Arkansas with two high school girls & one middle school boy. All of the Schrader’s, love and excel in any sporting activities and they spend the majority of their free time hunting, riding motocross, skiing, & playing sports such as soccer, baseball, football & tennis. The Schrader’s passion for others emanates in everything they do, from serving multiple times in villages in Africa to serving those in need in and around the state of Arkansas, they have an unforgettable impact wherever they go. A funny and outgoing spirit makes being around Scott and his family a truly remarkable experience- living out the values that we all want for our families. Scott combines his expertise in law with a desire to help others in his successful law practice, as well as in a successful software company he co-founded over 10 years ago. Scott & his wife, Kim, have continued to help direct the messaging and content of the TRAILMAP® curriculum, imparting generations of wisdom to help transform lives.

Brian Anderson

Brian, his wife, and three kids live in south Florida. They love spending time with family & friends, and impacting lives by using their many unique talents in an extraordinary way. Brian grew up competing in many sports and became a state champion and nationally ranked high jumper – a passion he pursued throughout his college career. Gifted with both business success and a remarkable ability in capturing and conveying powerful messages through film, Brian has combined these qualities with his passion for film to create a video production company that is changing lives. Brian’s passion for helping others is consistently demonstrated throughout his work and is quickly evident as you watch it play out in the TRAILMAP® videos.

The incredible impact of mentors…

Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis is among the most well-known and well-respected experts on men & fathering in the world. A successful husband, father, author, pastor, and founder of Men’s Fraternity and several other organizations that are affecting millions of lives around the world, Robert combines his exceptional experience, insight and wisdom in a way that transforms anyone he meets. Robert’s willingness to serve as a mentor has had an incredibly powerful impact on TRAILMAP®. We are forever grateful to Robert for sharing his wisdom that will continue to influence lives of participants in TRAILMAP for Life®.

Mike McClendon

A senior executive with IBM for over 20 years, Mike furthered his career by launching a successful consulting firm that helps organizations improve their sales & communications capabilities. Mike’s feedback and wisdom throughout the early stages of TRAILMAP® was instrumental in effectively building the platform and approach that we utilize today. We will forever appreciate Mike & the impact he continues to have.

Jason Mann

Jason Mann served as Chairman and CEO of a large company for a decade where his integrity & character was a role model for thousands. As a successful husband, father, & leader, Jason was a constant source of wisdom throughout the development of TRAILMAP for Life® and continues to be a role model in the organizations & communities where he serves.

Ron Tobias

As the Executive Pastor of a dynamic church with a broad network of support to help pastors plant churches around the world, Ron’s continual support, feedback, and mentorship have contributed in a significant way to TRAILMAP for Life®. As a successful business owner who traded it in for the ability to impact lives around the world, Ron is able to see life with a rare & wise perspective, and always offers meaningful insight.

Mark Langston

Mark Langston has served successfully as a Chief Financial Officer at a large corporation for over a decade, built on Mark’s previous success in finance & accounting roles at large U.S. firms. Mark has provided powerful wisdom, direction, & support throughout the development of TRAILMAP for Life®and continues to be a role model in his community, work, and beyond.


We believe that out of all of the critical topics we’ll discuss, our faith is the most important, because what we believe is at the core of who we are and it determines how we handle everything in life.

We understand that there will be people all across the spectrum on this one- some may have a great relationship with God, for others it may be more of struggle, where sometimes they’ve felt really close to him, & other times they haven’t.

Wherever you are is OK, because we’re not here to judge anyone, but rather to help each of us think through this topic & how it can have an incredibly positive impact on our life, regardless of where we are on that spectrum.  Trailmap partners with parents to help build stronger families, based on a foundation of love and instruction to help each of us better manage life’s critical topics.

We hope that the information we share with you is truly helpful and will provide you with valuable insight, regardless of where you are on your personal journey with God.


We believe that the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God that speaks with final authority concerning truth, morality, and how we should live our lives.

WE BELIEVE that the Bible (both the Old and New Testaments) is the inerrant Word of God. It is the source and direction for how we approach our faith and how we strive to live our life.

WE BELIEVE that there is one living and true God, who created, upholds, and governs all things. We believe that God exists eternally in three persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

WE BELIEVE that every person has a sinful nature that separates us from God, but that God offers us salvation, redemption, and forgiveness of our sin through his son Jesus Christ, who came to earth and lived a perfect life, then died in our place in order that through placing our faith in him, we would be forgiven for our sins and have eternal life in Heaven with him.