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As we consider our parenting, we must make sure that we do a good job of clearly explaining the importance of dating people who are like-minded in terms of their faith, morals, values, character, & interests… building their life with God as their foundation.

If both our son and the woman he is considering marrying have God as their #1 priority & want to follow his direction in their life, they will avoid many problems.

Illustration:  What if our skilled outdoorsman went on this journey with his wife, who is also an expert mountaineer, and this guy’s goal is still the same mountaintop, but she wants to end up at a different mountaintop … They may be able to walk together for a while, but at some point, there will be an important decision that they have to make about which direction to take & they will disagree.

If this happens in life, it can be the start of big problems, and this is why it’s critical to date solid Christians, so that you are both going to the same place and following the same path.

Don’t team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14

Importantly, all of our relationships should be going in the same direction and following the same path.

  • If not, we will disagree at some point and then one person is going to have to compromise or you will go on separate paths…if you do this in marriage or with friends, it doesn’t take long until you are on different paths.  
  • It is difficult because each of our default approaches to life is to be self-centered, not ‘others-centered’, and this causes trouble in ALL of our relationships.
  • Problems occur because each of us is naturally wired to want what we think is best for us.
  • When we follow God’s path, we realize that what’s best for us is to love and serve others before ourselves…that is how God designed us…and how marriages, families, and friendships work best.

Discuss as father & son why it is so important to be going to the same place & following the same path.

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