1. Exchange gifts with your spouse.
Many couples forgo anniversary gifts. But you should consider making an exception and giving each other at least a small token on your first wedding anniversary. You don’t have to buy something extravagant. The traditional first wedding anniversary gift is paper – and you have lots of options, such as writing a poem on paper, which won’t cost you anything but time and creativity.

2. Have your cake and eat it, too.
Many couples freeze the top of their wedding cake and eat it on their first wedding anniversary. To preserve the cake’s taste a year later, you should wrap it in vapor- and moisture-proof freezer bags after you’ve frozen it for a couple of hours to set the icing and then wrapped it in plastic, according to whatscookingamerica.net. If you didn’t freeze your cake, you could make a cake with the same flavors as your wedding cake and decorate it similarly, replete with your cake topper or the kinds of flowers you featured at your wedding.

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