Without a Purpose or Goals for this stage of your life, it’s like going for a long trip in the wilderness without a map! Life’s Top 10 life skills classes help each of by providing us with a Roadmap for Life.  This roadmap enables us to immediately prioritize critical topics in our life by using a simple, 10 topic framework to prioritize where we will invest our time and where we will focus our attention.

As we go through life and make daily decisions about how to spend our time and where to focus our attention, we have to understand what our Purpose and Goals are for this stage of our life, because if we don’t, we won’t have anything that is serving as the “Lighthouse” for our life that helps keep us on track.

Everyday we are faced with an unending stream of demands on our time and our attention…if we don’t understand our Purpose and Goals for this stage of our life, we will make decisions that do not align with them.  Because a Goal without a plan is just a wish!  

As such, a key part of every Life’s Top 10 program is developing our Purpose & Goals in life. We each must take the time to identify our Purpose by answering the 3 simple questions on page 36 in the Purpose section of the Life’s Top 10 Life Skills class workbook:  

    1. What am I good at? (i.e. What are your strengths & talents that you are particularly good at?)
    2. What are your passions in life? (i.e. What are the things that you love to talk about when you have free time for a conversation?  What are the things that give you energy & excitement when you talk about them?)
    3. What’s important to me?  (i.e. What are your core values & priorities in life? If you have a family, this should be on your list.  If you have a personal relationship with God, sharing that source of peace & happiness should be on your list as well…however, you may also have a heartfelt priority to help the homeless, the elderly, foster-care kids, etc…whatever it may be, that’s what goes here).

Once you’ve answered these, you find you purpose by identifying ways that you could uniquely combine your answers in all 3 circles to have a meaningful impact on otherswhen you do, it will change your life!  If you can find a way to get paid for it, it’s even better!

As you come to identify your Purpose for this stage of your life, you’ll need to set goals that are specific and measurable, and that you can realistically achieve in a reasonable time frame.  As you achieve these goals, they should move you closer & closer to fulfilling your purpose for that stage of your life.  However, if you haven’t identified your Purpose & Goals for this stage of your life, you will just drift along, chasing whatever seems important to you at the time…and when you get to the end of this stage of your life, it is very likely that you will not have achieved the meaningful things that you would have identified if you had taken the time to think through your Purpose & Goals.  When you identify them, it makes life and decision-making so much easier- and gives you a feeling of satisfaction as you make progress toward your goals!

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