How Do We Manage Our Money & Our Time?


We must carefully consider every purchase we make!

In our life skills parenting courses, one of the big topics that all of us struggle with is managing our money & our time.

Time is our most precious asset, so we have to spend it wisely.  However, the way we spend our money has some surprising implications on our time that we need to consider carefully.

When we think about purchases, we have to thoughtfully evaluate every one we make.  There is a simple equation that can help us remember the implications our purchases have on our time- it is: LESS STUFF = MORE TIME.  Time - Money Blog

Think for a moment about all the stuff you have & the TRUE COST to you of those items in terms of your time that item demands…and it’s not just the time you spend taking care of it.  In life, we have to think very carefully about everything we purchase because it has 3 major & immediate implications:

  1. Paying for it – You have to pay for it…this money has to come from somewhere- either you take it out of your account, or you borrow money to pay for it (don’t do this unless it is for your home, & even then buy one well within what you could afford).  As we learned in the Life’s Top 10 session on Money, we know that we can quickly estimate how much of our life we have to ‘sell’ to pay for something by calculating how many hours we have to work in order to earn the purchase price in after-tax dollars!
  2. Maintaining it – You have to determine how much time it will take to care for it.  Here, the nicer the thing you buy, the more time you will need to spend maintaining it, else you’ll risk losing more money when you sell it someday.
  3. Using it – You have to determine if it will impact the core priorities in your life in a good way or not?  Will it cause you to spend more time using it & thus draw you away from the core priorities in your life (e.g. your family, church, etc)?  If so, is there a cheaper alternative that will provide you with the same or nearly the same benefit that would require less maintenance?
  • For example, if you have a family they should be a core priority for you, and as such, this is a tricky area, because it is easy for us to “justify” really expensive toys in the name of “family time”.
  • If you truly believe something is a wise purchase that will offer significant family benefits at an overall cost that you deem acceptable for that experience, you have to think through what the true cost of ownership is and whether or not there a wiser way to enjoy it.Time Blog
    • i.e. if you are contemplating purchasing an RV, but know that realistically you won’t use it more than a week a year, is it better to try renting one to see how you like it and then determining whether or not it is a wise purchase or you should simply rent one each year…if you decide to buy, can you buy a cheaper, used one with less bells & whistles that won’t cause you to feel like you have to polish and clean it all the time to minimize the depreciation hit you’ll take when you sell it.

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