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Preparing Your Kids for Life

As a parent, have you ever wondered if you were doing what you should to prepare your kids for life?

Five years ago, we asked ourselves that same question, and it resulted in the development of a program that is forever changing the lives of those who experience it.

We each need to have the training to make our journey through life successful… and that’s what we provide in this program – a “trailmap” for life.

Online Life Skills Parenting Class - LT10Our kids are growing up fast and it’s our job as parents to make sure they’re prepared for life. If we don’t, they could head out on their own and not be ready.

A skilled outdoorsman would never go on a journey through challenging terrain without the proper training and preparation… but the reality is, that life is even more challenging, and each of us needs to be prepared.

Trailmap for Life helps you strengthen your relationship with your kids and feel confident that you have prepared them well for life on their own.

How Trailmap for Life Helps Parents Prepare Their Kids for Life

Background in the Parenting ProgramIn developing the Trailmap for Life program, we spoke with dozens of leaders (including business owners, executives, doctors, attorneys, pastors and more) to understand their experiences in the critical areas of life. 

Surprisingly, we learned that they were just like us – that is, in nearly all cases, neither their educational experiences nor their parents provided any significant insight regarding:

  • How to identify & prioritize the critical topics in life, or
  • Instruction & best practices regarding how to navigate them.

And although these men were successful they too had learned many life lessons the hard way – through challenges that could have been avoided with the proper training.  

That’s when a group of fathers and subject matter experts got together to create a non-profit organization solely dedicated to developing programs to help people understand and navigate the 10 most important topics of life.  The knowledge and wisdom from these successful men is the foundation for Trailmap for Life and has been packaged into 10 lessons to help you prepare your kids for life.  By teaching your kids these important life lessons, they will be ready for life’s challenges.

Need More Parenting Advice?

We hope you found this article helpful – it is from the Life’s Top 10: “Trailmap for Life” resources designed to help parents successfully navigate life.  This program offers life-skills sessions where parents & their kids participate together- either on your own, or as part of a small or large group.

A Critical Component In Preparing Your Kids For Life:

If you’re a parent or a parent-figure of kids ages 10-20, this is a critical component in preparing your kids for life – options include our:

Each one offers a unique experience with your kids.

As parents, we all want to raise kids who are well-prepared for life on their own.  Kids with solid character who understand how to make wise choices. Choices in core life topics such as friends, dating, money, health, drugs, and how they spend their time.

Unfortunately, each year, millions of kids set out on their own, unprepared for what they’ll face- and that’s when they learn things the hard way- with consequences that can last a lifetime.    It was this critical scenario that led to the development of Trailmap for Life, a non-profit program solely focused on helping people understand & navigate the 10 most important topics in life.   Each of the 10 monthly sessions covers one of life’s 10 critical topics- with powerful videos, a workbook, & life-skills activities that make it fun & easy to participate!   This program offers life-changing insight from leaders & experts across the country…. And it’s forever changing those who experience it.

It’s easy to organize & host a group: Participating with other parents & their kids offers even more benefits – simply select the group option on the website & choose your meeting dates & times…then enter the email addresses of the parents you want to invite.  The website sends out the invites, tracks responses, and then throughout the program sends out automated communications & reminders based on the meeting schedule you set.    All you’ll do to host each session is follow a few short instructions, play the session video, and enjoy the experience with your kids & your friends.  No prep work is required at all!  And since all sessions are available 24/7 online, it’s ok if people can’t make all the group meetings – they can do those sessions anytime…

Whether on your own or as part of a group, this program helps you achieve the relationship that every parent wants with their kids and feel confident that you have prepared them well for life on their own.  We hope that you will join us for the adventure of a lifetime!    

All programs launched in early 2017!  Click here to learn more!

10 Session Life Skills Course - 10 Topics To Get Right:

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Each session includes a 25-minute video that guides you through key principles for each topic, including activities that make it fun & effective.

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