Programs for Youth & Family Ministry

Youth program elements

Modules covering core life topics such as: money, dating, character, friends, faith, peer pressure, family, & time management.
  • Includes interactive videos, discussions, role plays, & activities that make it enjoyable & impactful.
  • Modules vary in length & you can choose based on time available, offering ultimate flexibility for large-group applications.
  • Provides a platform for a leader (or a leader + facilitators) to equip teens in a larger group setting with the crucial skills they need to navigate life.

If you lead a church, school, or other organization, call us & we’ll provide everything you need to get started (800) 210-6075.

Churches can offer all three participation options to accommodate any schedule or desired group setting:

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Easy-to-host events

Large group events for churches & schools

Churches & schools have a great opportunity to host large group programs (Father & Son, Father & Daughter, & Family that deliver lifelong benefits.

We’ll help you with everything from getting the word out to implementation- it’s easy & life-changing!

Retreats for Families, Fathers & Sons, Fathers & Daughters

Retreats are a great way to unplug & reconnect with your family.

Each of these programs delivers an incredible experience for participants.

We can help you host a retreat – it’s easy & the results are incredible .

Friday Night
Date Night!

We love to help host ‘Friday Night Date Nights” at churches or other locations.

They are also a great option for small groups (we offer a 1 session & a 4 session version).

We’ll help you host an event that will change marriages in a wonderful way!