Father & Son Program - For Fathers & Their Son(s) Ages 11 & up

10 interactive-video sessions lead parents & kids through  life’s core topics such as: money, dating, character, friends, faith, peer pressure, family & time management.

Each session includes a 25-minute interactive video that guides you through key principles for each topic, including activities that make it enjoyable & impactful.

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Program Cost

$2.95/month (per participant, for 10 months) gives you access to all 10 session videos (online and via the app), as well as blogs & parent discussion forums.

  • If you have 3 or more participants in your family, cost is capped at $6.95/month.
  • Scholarships are available. If you have a financial hardship – click the scholarship button during registration. If you’d like to fund a scholarship, click here.
  • Workbooks: Each participant should have their own workbook (the same workbook can be used for Father & Son, Father & Daughter, & Family programs)… workbooks cost $9.95 each & are not eligible for financial scholarships.

We each need to have the training to make our journey through life successful…
And that’s exactly what we provided in this program – a trailmap for life.