One of the critical life skills topics we cover in Life’s Top 10 is Friends.  

Here, our Key Theme is that “Our friends rub off on us.”

 This can be for better or for worse,  & the stains can be permanent.  So choose your friends wisely!

Good friends:

  • Care about each other not just that:
    • We’re good at a sport
    • Have nice things
    • Are popular, or fun to hang out with
    • But instead truly care for each other & our well-being
  • Listen to each other
  • Help each other solve problems
  • Don’t hurt each other
  • Comfort each other
  • Can depend on each other when they need something


Choosing friends is a very important decision throughout our life, but especially now for you boys, because:

Friends have an incredible influence on us & how we feel about ourselves & others.Sometimes just being with the wrong friends can change our life forever

My friend told me about a high school football star who went to a nearby school…he was destined to be one of the best quarterbacks the state had ever produced and had a great chance of playing in the NFL. After a game one Friday night, he went to a party with some of his friends…some of them were drinking beer, including the driver of the car he rode home in…unfortunately, they never made it home. The driver crashed the car and the quarterback went through the windshield and nearly died. His life hung in the balance for nearly a week, but he survived. However, he had sustained permanent brain damage in the crash and was never able to play football again. In fact, his injuries were so extensive that he ended up working as a bagging clerk at a grocery store for the past 20 years.

Remember, our friends rub off on us…for better or for worse…and the stains can be permanent.

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